Welcome on The Rooftopper blog

Oh, hello there and welcome to the blog of The Rooftopper!

You know us already because you’ve already visited the “who we are” section 😉 You’ve also started exploring our rooftops listing, and now you want more! You want to know how we find rooftops, you want to know how to create your own rooftop, you want to know how to re-do the best cocktails you’ve tasted, you want to dream, you want to discover!

And you are in the right place: here, you will find advice, behind the scenes, DIY and many other things about rooftops! So keep posted, you’ll soon be a rooftop expert 😉


  1. Stella Leoni

    Hello ! Cool website!!

    I own a private rooftop in NYC (and clubs in other places), do you have an email adress/phone number I can reach to send you some more info ? Would definitely like to be on your portal.



    1. remi

      Hi Stella,
      Thanks for your interest! I just sent you an email 🙂

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