Eclipse at Hotel W

A sail on the sea

Imagine a city looking at the Mediterranean sea, it’s sunny, it’s warm. But it’s also full of tourists, noisy, and this sun! It’s starting to get too warm! Time to change the perspective and get up to the 26th floor of the only hotel overviewing the beach of Barcelona: the W Hotel.

You’ll find a view on all the coast, of course, but also nice cocktails made with real fruits and a large selection of liquors (around 100 references of Gin, Tequila, Whisky and Vodka). The cocktails’ menu is interesting, with dedicated cocktails, but you can always challenge the mixologist beghind the bar to find something that will suit you!

If you get hungry, take a look at the Japanese-inspired dishes (sashimis, sets of makis, ceviche or gyozas), the kitchen is open from 6:00 pm to 12:00 pm.

And if you want to dance, you can! Around 10:00 pm, the music becomes louder, the bar is now full and people start to dance. Don’t expect a real dancefloor though, it’s still a small bar  😉 And if you don’t want to dance but want to stay in the W, go take a look to the bar on the 1st floor, it’s far more cosy.

Our tips:

  • How to find the entrance? When you enter the W hotel, go straight to the elevators that are in front of you. Normally there’ll be a line with a steward asking you where do you want to go and if you’re on the list. The list is not really mandatory, it’s just to impress, but just in case, you can add your name here.
  • When’s the best time? We prefer to go at the beginning of the evening (between 7 to 9), as it’s usually less crowded so you’ll get a chance to find a seat in front of the view. Starting 10pm, it’s really crowded and not necessarily the best experience 😉

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Plaça de la Rosa dels Vents 1
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